Adrian Armas

Adrian Armas is originally from Los Angeles California, where he attended Hollywood High School for Performing Arts. It was not so much the acting bug, but the Dancing bug that inspired him to attend. Adrian has worked for the top artists of our times, including Michael Jackson, Cher, and Ricky Martin to name a few. Adrian has also starred in over 50 national television commercials and has worked on TV shows, like MTV's Undressed and Scrubs.

Although he has also appeared in many films as a dancer, he has also worked as an actor in some noteworthy films such the Oscar nominated film The Curious case of Benjamin Button, opposite Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt. In the film, directed by David Fincher, Adrian Plays Daisy's (Cate Blanchett), boyfriend.

Adrian currently is working as a model and actor in his adoptive city, New York.